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Friday, July 17, 2009

Carolyn Fe sings the blues at Petit Campus, Aug. 26

An Evening of Great Blues with Carolyn Fe

August 26 at Petit Campus

MONTREAL, July 2009 Carolyn Fe will be in top form on Wednesday, August 26 at Petit Campus, performing songs from her current EP Carolyn Fe 100%. Songs from the recording have been getting airplay on 97.7 CHOM FM's Black Cat Alley with Randy Renaud and 91.9 FM Planète Jazz, as well as on online radio stations. On both and, her songs remain in the Top 5 of their hit list.

Stretching her versatility to the max, Carolyn Fe, produces only original material with phrasing that at once evokes Janis Joplin begging for love, the hard-core, in-your-face strength of Tina Turner or the dreamy allure of Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins. Until now, fans have enjoyed Carolyn Fe in a duo or trio format but this time, Carolyn Fe rocks the house with a full band. Fans will be in for a full out Blues treat. She is backed by veteran musicians who've played with the likes of Percy Sledge, Freddie James and Carol Franklin (Aretha's sister).

Carolyn is thrilled to be playing Petit Campus after having to cancel various shows in June and July due to illness, including playing before an audience of 5000 at a fundraiser for Cancer at Parc de Maisonneuve, a recent show celebrating 2009 Martin Luther King Award Winner Ethel Bruneau at Bourbon St. West, and various festivals and gigs around Quebec.

What they had to say about Carolyn Fe:

"It's been a really long time since I've listened to Black Cat Alley and let me tell you, with this recession and job cuts happening everywhere, a good does of the blues really chases the clouds away. I'm sitting here in the middle of a mess of boxes and cannot get a tune out of my head. I checked CHOM's website and playlist. Indigo Heat, by Carolyn Fe is an amazing song. This lady has a haunting voice. I hope you play more of her songs in your upcoming shows."- Alison

"I saw this lady play live a couple of months ago doing an acoustic gig at a small bar on Bishop Street. She has quite a stage presence and pipes to back it up. It's a pleasant surprise to hear her on air. Please keep playing her songs. Long Live CHOM's Black Cat Alley!" – Max

"Il y a quelques jours que mes amis m'avaient suggéré d'acheter le CD de Carolyn Fe, chanteuse de blues Montréalaise. Je n'étais pas sûr car je ne la connaissais pas. Maintenant que tu me l'as introduit via Black Cat Alley, je suis certaine que mon achat ne serait pas perdu. Merci beaucoup de l'avoir introduit cette dame avec une voix onctueuse. C'est toujours un plaisir d'entendre du blues qui est très près de nous ici à Montréal." -Mélanie

"Last night during your show, Black Cat Alley, you played a female artist. I've never heard of her before. Caroline Fe? What a smoky voice she has! Can you play more of her tunes?" –Alain

Carolyn is a talented performer who wears many hats: actress, singer and producer (more info: As a singer, Carolyn co-founded the band DD Swank ( and fronted for them under the pseudonym of Mama B, singing in French, English and Spanish. Through song, the band told stories of the life of DD Swank, the elusive lady of the early 1900s. However the urge to do something on her own tugged strongly at her heartstrings.

With influences as diverse as Tom Waits, Patsy Cline and Blind Lemon, it is no surprise that Carolyn Fe's singing style reflects a wide range of genres, all of which she effortlessly slides into, seamlessly morphing from the sweet purity of a Holly Cole to the raunchy rock and roll edge of Tina Turner. Her acting experience gives her the unique ability to infuse lyrics with highly charged emotions. Likely a left-over from her days as a hoofer, Carolyn Fe truly marches to her own beat, with percussion taking the lead in her unconventional treatment of music, able to transform a gospel into steamy jazz or fusing native and blues rhythms.

What, When, Where:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Petit Campus, 57 Prince Arthur St. East

Doors open at 8pm

Tickets: 8$ advanced sales, 10$ at the door (plus taxes and service charge)

Tickets can be purchased directly at Petit Campus Box Office (you can save a few dollars on the service charge), 514 844-1010 or

At Admissions:, 514 790-1245

The EP, Carolyn Fe 100%, is available at Archambault Musique store on Berri and Ste. Catherine in the blues section or can be ordered online at The EP will be on sale at the show for 7$ each.

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