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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BTW Presents Ranee Lee in Swan Song of Maria by Carol Cece Anderson Beginning Nov. 3

Ranee Lee returns to the theatrical stage in a moving production about one woman’s struggle against Alzheimer’s

Black Theatre Workshop Presents

Swan Song of Maria
(A Tragic Fairy Tale)

By Carol Cece Anderson - Directed by Tyrone Benskin

Starring Ranee Lee and Joel Miller
With Classical Ballet Performances Throughout the Production

November 3 – 22 - MAI – 3680 Jeanne Mance

This year we are in a more intimate space so tickets will sell out quickly
Call today: 514-932-1104 ext 226 or email:

In Collaboration with Alzheimer Groupe Inc.

“You’ll look into my eyes. And you won’t see me anymore. You won’t see me anymore, because I’ll be gone. I’ll have surrendered. That’s when the time will come, Joe...That’s when you’ll know.” – Jillian from Swan Song of Maria

Montreal, October 7 – If nothing changes, over one million Canadians will have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia within 25 years, with no hope of surviving. Black Theatre Workshop presents the magical world premier of its Mainstage production Swan Song of Maria (a tragic fairy tale) by Carol Cece Anderson. Starring two of Canada’s finest performers, Ranee Lee and Joel Miller, accompanied by a classical ballerina and live pianist, Swan Song of Maria studies this mysterious decease, and tells the poetic story of a couple’s past, present and uncertain future. Spanning over fifty years and across two continents, this incredible production is directed by Tyrone Benskin and presented at the MAI from November 3 – 22, 2009.

“Before it all went to hell, it was just…confusion. Just a dark space. Just a huge yawning space that swallows you for an instant. Takes you back in time. And tricks you into thinking you’re still here. ‘Til you come out of it. And you don’t know where you’ve been. And you don’t have any idea how long you’ve been away.” – Jillian from Swan Song of Maria

Recently work shopped and commissioned by the National Arts Centre in Toronto, this award winning production brings together language, music and dance flavoured with a Latin twist to tell the tale of Jillian. As she struggles with Alzheimer’s and the theft of her past, Jillian is haunted by her husband Joe’s ever present muse: a beautiful ballerina named Maria. Jillian fights against being drawn into a world where time and all that she was starts to disappear, all the while wondering where she belongs in her husband’s life. Spanning the years before and during their lives together Swan Song of Maria is a story of two hearts struggling to rediscover love before it is lost forever.

Black Theatre Workshop’s productions are reaching new levels this year as we come closer to our 40th anniversary, and today we stand as the only African Canadian Theatre Company in the world. Whether for BTW’s Mainstage productions, school tours for Black History Month, Youthworks performance troupes, or for community arts development projects, all contributions are dedicated to encouraging and promoting the development of a Black and Canadian Theatre. To purchase tickets call our box office at 514-932-1104 ext. 226. For more information on Black Theatre Workshop go to our website

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