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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

323East Presents David Foox’s First U.S. Solo Exhibition in 2009

Only U.S. Exhibit For Celebrated “Organ Donor Doll” Artist

323East hosts internationally acclaimed artist David Foox for his first and only U.S. solo exhibition in the 2009-2010 calendar year. The exhibit opens on Saturday November 28 with an artist’s reception from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m., and runs through December 18. The show is free and open to the public, and will help raise awareness for Gift of Life Michigan.

A former New York City attorney, Foox first gained international recognition for his Organ Donor Dolls. These vinyl “toys” (created in the vein of Kidrobot Munnies and Dunnies) consist of miniature human bodies displaying bulbous organ heads, and were designed by Foox to encourage people to become organ donors when a family member needed a double lung transplant. Organ Donor Dolls captured the attention of both the media and the medical world garnering features on the BBC, along with newspapers and magazines the world over.

Building on his Organ Donor Dolls’ notoriety, Foox’s exhibit will help raise awareness for Gift of Life Michigan, a full service organ recovery organization that acts as the intermediary between donors, physicians and hospital staff, provides all services necessary for organ, tissue and cornea donation. This includes education, retrieval, preservation, tissue-typing and organ placement, as well as maintaining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

323East will be the only US outlet to offer full sets of the Chinese edition of Organ Donor Dolls.

Shirking his legal suit for good, Foox now devotes his life to painting; sculpting and creating works of art that both beguile and heal. “Painting transformed from a stress relief outlet to a mission of creation,” explains Foox.

For Foox, 2009 has been a year of amazing highs and lows: while struggling through a painful divorce, he was invited to exhibit work at a high profile Beijing art gallery owned by Chairman Mao’s granddaughter, and he can now count influential New York gallery owner Jonathan Levine as an admirer. “That’s a huge leap in development in a very short time,” Levine commented about Foox’s Beijing collection.

These experiences have permeated Foox’s art. “They say traumatic periods of an artist’s life result in some of the best work. Each of these pieces carries with it the notions of “good fortune” “good luck “opportunity” and “overcoming the impossible”. For this is what transpired during my time painting these pieces, “ Foox reveals.

In honor of the exhibit, 323East is offering a limited edition of 8 signed and numbered Giclee prints of Foox’s “Texas Tonka,” featured in the June 2009 issue of Juxtapoz, and now available for sale in advance of the show.

Don’t miss this chance to meet David Foox, one of the most original and exciting artists working today.

323East is a collection of creative energy materialized in a mash-up of art, culture, lifestyle and fashion. During David Foox’s exhibition, 323East will debut their new boutique - an additional 400 square feet of space dedicated to handmade goods by local and international artists including jewelry, handbags, clothing and more.

323East is located at 323 East Fourth Street in Royal Oak, Michigan. For more information please call 248-246-9544.

More information on David Foox and 323 East are available here:

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