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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Hermann Prey - When Love Falls Silent' world exclusive documentary film

'Prey – When Love Falls Silent' is a unique cinematic homage to Hermann Prey, with close to 200 million recordings sold, Germany's all-time best-selling classical musician. Our documentary is anything but a clichéd "best of" collection of career highlights. Instead, it relies heavily on previously unreleased Super 8 home movie and live concert footage to tell the story of Hermann Prey both as an international star and as a human being. We also see Prey through the eyes of the people who were closest to him, both personally and professionally: his family and world-famous colleagues including Jonas Kaufmann and Thomas Hampson. With unusual openness, they appear on camera and talk about what it takes to be an international star on the scale of Hermann Prey – the enormous energy, commitment and willingness to do without so many aspects of private life. And what it means to live a family life with an international star. Prey was always sure of his ability and never doubted he was destined for fame. But he was equally convinced that he needed a wife at his side. And that this would mean leaving the children to be raised by their grandparents.

The children's hopes for more time with their father had to wait for his career to come to end.
Hermann Prey didn't want his career to end. Those hopes were crushed by his sudden death in 1998.

Ten years after the death of Hermann Prey, his wife and children speak for the first time publicly about their great loss, about their own longings and the process of mourning. And about how they have come to terms with the fact that Hermann Prey was compelled to follow his musical calling with such an utterly single-minded focus. The film includes footage of a last photo shoot with Prey in the USA, a worldwide exclusive debut of his last TV concert performance in Japan in 1997, additional worldwide exclusives from private Prey film and photo archives as well as excerpts from private journals and diaries.

A film of sadness and beauty that explores passion in its truest sense

With great music and appearances by many of the world's current stars, who pay their personal homage to Hermann Prey. 

For more information about the film, please visit our offical websites or

The DVD 'Prey – When Love Falls Silent' ('Prey- Stille meine Liebe') is available in German with English subtitles via JPC, Europe`s biggest internet shop for classic music.

In addition to the main film, the DVD features over 60 minutes of bonus material including further interviews and complete music performances, available here exclusively. The package also comes with an 80-page booklet documenting the almost three-year-long "making of" story of the film in words and pictures. English version of the booklet is downloadable here or at the offical website.



  • Thanks for posting the information about our documentary. Maybe the supplementary information is interesting that the retailer have english language on the website and is shipping the DVD worldwide.

    Best regards

    M. Blum

    By Blogger brainwalker, At December 2, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

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