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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cameron Live! out June 1, 2010


On his 2008 REVOLUTIONARY album for Telarc-which made him the first solo organist to ever receive a Grammy® nomination-Telarc included a video bonus. That wasn't enough for Cameron's demanding ("how does he do it?") public; they want to see him for more than twenty-minutes. CAMERON LIVE! is the album the public wants from the most exciting organist in the world, and releases June 1, 2010, with a June performance at Le Poisson Rouge in New York's West Village. This time it's a true double album, with an all-Bach CD and a feature-length cinema organ DVD. CAMERON LIVE! The CD was recorded on a four-manual classical organ, as befits the repertoire: Toccata in F Major (BWV 540, performed in F# Major to fit Cameron's related key concept); five great Preludes and Fugues in B Minor (BWV 544), E Minor (BWV 548), A Minor (BWV 543), D Major (BWV 532), and G Major (BWV 541); and Cameron's own composition, Serenade and Fugue on B.A.C.H., in its world premiere recording.

CAMERON LIVE! The DVD is in total contrast: a HD video of a four-manual Wurlitzer cinema organ featuring Liszt (Au bord d'une source and Funérailles), Moszkowski (Étincelles), Schubert (Der Erlkönig), Shostakovich (Festive Overture, Op. 96), Sousa (The Stars and Stripes Forever), Widor (Toccata from Symphony No. 5), Vierne (Naïades), Cameron's own Three Intermezzi for Cinema Organ (The younger boy and the older boy, Clockwatcher, and The rumble, in their world premiere recordings), Cameron's Performance on "Dixie," and Bach (Prelude and Fugue V in D Major [BWV 850] from Book I of The Well-Tempered Clavier, performed on Cameron's three-manual Hoffrichter portable studio organ). Click here - for behind the scenes footage!

Cameron produced the DVD. Katy Scoggin co-produced, and directed the crew of ten; and Ed Kelly (MobileMaster) recorded the 7.1 audio. The DVD would not be complete without pithy commentary by Cameron, who is as verbally interesting as any artist alive. Informative segments were shot in his New York East Village apartment, where he uses his Hoffrichter practice organ to demonstrate.

Telarc's legendary founder, Bob Woods (Sonarc Music), produced the CD, and Robert Friedrich (Five/Four Productions) was the recording engineer. In order to live up to its name, CAMERON LIVE! The CD was recorded in live concert. The video crew also convened to produce a short documentary about the Bach concert, which is on the DVD-along with other video footage.

Cameron, not content to just produce the DVD, and perform both the DVD and the CD, also designed the album package to reflect the truth: two completely different discs in one double album. A balanced duality.

The double-thick album case, which also holds a 12-page booklet, does not have a front and a back: it has a front and a front. You flip the album over to find the other front.

Who is Cameron in the pantheon of music? The New York Times recently wrote a feature article on Cameron and said "He has pushed the boundaries of organ technique to breathtaking heights, meshing virtuosity with musical intelligence." Two weeks later, the reviewer of his debut concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, wrote in Kommersant: "To say that he is a virtuoso is to say nothing. He is an exorbitant virtuoso, the Horowitz of the organ."

All is revealed in CAMERON LIVE! The CD. The DVD. Don't fail to flip over it yourself.


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