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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'O Canada!' sung by animals of Canada for Olympics

Vancouver, Canada - January 26, 2010 - Canada’s National Anthem ‘O Canada!’ has been sung in a way no one has ever heard before: by animals of Canada.

In time for the Vancouver Olympics, Paul Snider of Vancouver has arranged and produced a version of ‘O Canada!’ that uses no musical instruments, only the sounds of animals that live in Canada. “I started with digital samples of the sounds animals of Canada make. It was difficult to determine which tones go with which in order to make some semblance of a song. As well, I had to determine which sounds could best represent the different parts of an orchestra. Many of the animal calls are beautifully melodic which sound quite nice in the arrangement. The whole song took about 30 hours to put together.”

The song uses the sounds of different frogs, crickets, beavers, bees, belugas, coyotes, seals, wolves, bears, raccoons, dolphins, whales and cougars. The birds include woodpeckers, a hawk, an eagle, snow geese, nightingales, cardinals, loons and a tawny owl.

Paul’s musical project is called The Orchestra of Sound. He creates music using sounds heard in everyday life, without the use of musical instruments. “Music is all around you, you just have to listen”.

When asked why he created this unique version of ‘O Canada!’, Paul commented “I wanted to create a version of our National Anthem that included the animals of Canada. Their calls are so beautiful; it’s only natural that a song using their voices would also be beautiful.” The song can be heard at


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