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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prize-Winning Professional Violist, Music Teacher and Coach Establishes Virtual Music Academy for Professional Violists and Violinists

Austin, Texas…Miriam Ross, a prize-winning professional violist, has established the Miriam Ross™ Academy,, a virtual music academy and the first of its kind. Using web cams, Ross offers virtual music coaching services to professional violists and violinists to help them improve their techniques, practice more effectively, prepare for auditions, overcome stage fright, gain confidence, rediscover the joy of playing, and so on.

Ross conceived of her virtual music academy while teaching professional violists and violinists in her studio. She explains, “I began to recognize that given today's technology, I could coach musicians without their having to come to my studio and without sacrificing any quality. Working together via web cams not only saves everyone time, but also it makes it easier for me to tailor my services to meet a musician's specific goals, needs, time constraints, and pace of learning. For example, my virtual academy makes it possible for me to work with a musician who may want to play a very short passage of music for me and get my feedback -- something that we might be able to accomplish in a very focused 15 minutes. Also, many musicians simply want to talk with me about a problem they are having related to their playing and get my advice, which can be done very effectively using web cams. For me, another big advantage of a virtual music academy is that I can coach professional violists and violinists who are located all over the world, not just in my immediate area.

Laszlo Baroczi, a professional violist who lives in Winnipeg, Canada and plays in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, works with Ross via web cam. He is a fan of the process. “ I think my lessons with Miriam are as good as if I were in the studio with her.  In fact, they may be better because I am able to warm up at home and be ready to play as soon as my lesson begins. I also really like the fact that I can schedule very short sessions with Miriam if I need them in between my regular classes. Plus, not having to travel to and from a studio for a music lesson is a real time saver.”

Ross also offers coaching services via phone and e-mail. And, she helps professional musicians develop and implement effective practice plans, including the use of practice diaries. Musicians use the diaries to record various details about their playing during a practice session.

Ross is a solo violist with the Tonkünstlerorchester Niederösterreich, an orchestra in Vienna, Austria, and a member of Kontrapunkte and Die Reihe, two music ensembles dedicated to New Music. Earlier in her career, she was a permanent member of the Berlin Philharmonic and a professor of music at the Musikhochschule Bremen in Germany.


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