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Friday, June 4, 2010

Moppett, Rodman Hall, Grange Prize & More

Damian Moppett: Studio Dreams

Damien Moppett’s latest show, “The Sculptor’s Studio is a Painting,” is a category-crosser. In it, Moppett makes use of an expanded field of art production where painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and collage are all part of the mix.

Graeme Patterson and Karilee Fuglem: The Rest is History

This summer, Rodman Hall plays host to two artists who intertwine real and imagined histories. Graeme Patterson revisits childhood friendships and high-school gyms, while Karilee Fuglem looks at the paths of Laura Secord and Harriet Tubman in the area.

Grange Prize 2010: $50,000 Finalists Announced

Talent is deep in this year’s Grange Prize nominee pool, which includes both fresh faces and rediscovered greats. Read up now to decide who will get your vote for Canada’s biggest photo prize.

Ron Terada Conversation:Painting, Pathos and the Pictures Generation

Ron Terada’s latest solo show, currently in Banff, references painting, the image of the artist and Jack Goldstein’s memoirs, among other themes. Talking on-site with critic Amy Fung, Terada expands on art-world anxieties, genre mashups and the difficult ways Canadians view artists.

Other Space Odysseys:
Universal Questions

The space race may be slowing, but ideas of the interplanetary still provide a rich ground for architectural exploration. This much is suggested by “Other Space Odysseys,” a three-person exhibition currently on at the CCA in Montreal.



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