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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Portrait Society Exhibition March 10, 2011

Top: Adrianne Pieczonka (artist: Tadeusz Biernot)
Mid: Tom Diamond (artist: Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan)
Bottom: Agnes Grossmann (artist: Soheir Morcos)

Opening Thursday, March 10, 2011 at the John B. Aird Gallery





Canada’s performers and composers are in the picture when the Portrait Society of Canada presents The Art of Canadian Music. This showcase of fine art portraits captures an array of contemporary musicians from across the country, representing a variety of genres including classical, jazz, country, pop and rock. The exhibition and sale runs March 8 – April 1, 2011 at the John B. Aird Gallery in the MacDonald Block, 900 Bay Street, first floor, Toronto.

OPENING RECEPTION: The public is welcome to the opening reception, Thursday, March 10, 6-8 p.m. Artists and many music stars amongst their portrait subjects will be present. The event will include a live jazz quartet performance featuring saxophonist Igor Babich.

The exhibition is open to the public Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at no charge. Information is available at both the Gallery website, and at; or by phoning 416-928-6772.

Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan is a leading professional portrait artist in the contemporary revival of the Classical Tradition of Fine Art Portraiture in Canada and the founder of the Portrait Society of Canada. She is particularly fond of music – especially classical . She comments, “Music is one of the art forms that have so much in common with visual art, both reflecting our spirit, love and connection with people via our emotions. This is our opportunity to show our musicians through the eyes of visual artists to people from all walks of life.”

Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan has created portraits of distinguished Canadian composer Larysa Kuzmenko, rising Canadian star pianist Lucas Porter and celebrated Canadian opera and theatre Director Tom Diamond.

Among the other musical subjects (artists in parentheses) are singers Adrianne Pieczonka (Tadeusz Biernot), Levon Ichkhanian (Jean Miller Harding), Shania Twain (Ellen Catherwood), Louise Pitre (Paul Wyse) and Lisa Hart (Suzanne Gorrie); multi-instrumentalist Trevor Payne (Steven Rosati), saxophonist Igor Babich (Guo Yue Dow), bassist Natalie Kemerer (Cynthia Kemerer), conductor Agnes Grossmann (Soheir Morcos); and composers Alexina Louie (Ilona Biernot), Srul Irving Glick (Marcy Silverberg), and Allan Gordon Bell of Calgary(painted by Laara Cassells of Medicine Hat).

In all, about 30 original fine art portraits on display will reflect the various styles of contemporary portraiture created by professional Artists. All are members of the Portrait Society of Canada, a nationwide organization and Canada’s leading society for visual artists, with more than 150 members across the country. Most of the participating artists are expected to attend.

Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan, who paints in the “Old Masters” style, asserts that “Portraiture lives in Canada, and right now we are experiencing the revival of the traditions of portraiture in North America. Within our journey of portraiture we are writing Canadian history; history in itself is generally the story of important personas and the events which their lives comprise.

“A musician should make music and an artist must paint – it makes our existence meaningful.”

The Portrait Society of Canada’s 2010 exhibition, featuring Canada’s top Olympic athletes, was a big success, attracting more than 10 000 visitors to the gallery and more than 1.5 million visitors across the planet on-line. These portraits will remain displayed online, with some still available for sale, at, until March 1, 2011.



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