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Monday, July 11, 2011

The first brick for the 1st World Choir Championships for Youth and Young Adults

Austria and Graz put the competition on the way

Last night the 1st World Choir Championships for Youth and Young Adults and the 2nd Grand Prix of Choral Music officially began. "We are so glad that we have the city of Graz and Austria on our side," said INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch and thanked the attending Mayor Siegfried Nagl. You can feel the tradition of singing in Austria and especially in Graz, so Titsch. "The choirs are now trying a new type of competition to get on the track, a world premiere - thanks to all and good luck to all singers"

The opening program was titled "The Sound of Styria". The program was of contemporary compositions and folk tunes, while also a world premiere of "Canticle of the Sun by San Francesco, with music by Franz M. Herzog. This piece was performed by CantAnima – the Youth Choir of Styria with the participation of Raschèr Saxophone Quartet. Other choirs were OISVOICE, the State Youth Choir of Vienna, the State Youth Choir of Upper Austria, the country's youth choir Tyrol, VOICES - National Youth Choir of Vorarlberg. Also The National Youth Choir was there and performed a tribute to the city: Graz, the City of my heart!

"This week, the Styrian air will be filled by music," said Barbara Riener, Member of Parliament and greeted the choirs. She came in representation for Deputy Governor Schützenhöfer. "Through music, people have the opportunity to learn for life, they learn to listen and to care for each other," Riener said wishing all participants a beautiful and musical week.

"Where people sing, you can´t be wrong," said Mayor Nagl and also wished the 120 choirs from 40 countries a lot of fun and joy in his musical city.

The 1st World Choir Championships for Youth and Young Adults and the 2nd Grand Prix of Choral Music will be held from July 10 - 17 in the Styrian capital. They are dedicated to Baldur Heckel. The chairman of the Styrian choral federation who died last year was substantially involved with all vigor in this competition.
INTERKULTUR is networked with 120 000 choirs and 4,8 million singers worldwide. Since its 20 years of founding more than 5.600 choirs from 100 nations with about 250.500 singers participated in INTERKULTUR’s World Choir Games and national choir competitions. The World Choir Games (WCG) which are based on the Olympic idea take place on different continents every two years. The next WCG will take place 2012 in Cincinnati, USA. Procter & Gamble supports the World Choir Games as the first „Presenting Sponsor“.

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