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Tuesday, July 19, 2011 : A website committed to making a difference for musicians and all music related businesses!

Something great is happening and it is happening first on Canadian soil. Two local music lovers have come together to create a place where musicians of all economic backgrounds can build their dreams. Finally, you can navigate your own music career at your speed and your potential. Those who are driven will arrive ahead . They tell us they were inspired by having musical friends and watching them inch their way through disappointments, nickel and diming their way to making a cd and then not have the right connections or money to have their perfectly awesome CD get past the hands of family and supportive friends. Some might say that is just the hierarchy of the industry - only the best make it! Not true! Other than the rare exceptional find the ones that make it have talent mixed with money and money buys connections. Always has and always will. is going to be a savior for the underdog and a quick access tool for anyone in the industry.

Some might say it has the accessibility of a craigslist but for everything music and music business related only. Many musicians could only dream of going on tour but has created the connections and means to make it happen. Businesses related to the music industry will see an influx of business as musicians renew their commitment to themselves. Music remains one of the most inspiring and comforting things humans can turn to when in any crisis or emotional state, good or bad. The industry can only reveal to you the talent they can make money from. There has never been a greater need in the world than now to have music and comfort at every possible corner. wants all musicians, businesses, and fans to sign up in their respective locations and make a difference to your local artists. If you own a restaurant then start an open mic night, and on MOT you can preview an artist to see if they are a good fit for your environment. MOT is not going to pay others to make this viral and shove it in your face. They want you to take it upon yourself to help make a difference for musicians and restore the integrity of the musician and fan relationship, who doesn’t know someone with talent. Go to and fill out the submission form so we may list you as the relevant resource that you are! Check out our Official Sound Off....the 30 second singing competition as well as MOT Steal My Show! Welcome to something real!



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