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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

La Scena Musicale October 2011

[French Version]
La Scena Musicale celebrates 15th anniversary with a special October edition

Celebrate with us:  

La Scena Musicale 
celebrates our 15th anniversary with a special edition this October as well as new exciting projects throughout the year!  

In September, La Scena Musicale transformed into two magazines: a separate English and a separate French edition; now, you can read all the LSM articles in your native language in one handy issue. The distribution of the two magazines has doubled to 50,000 copies (reaching 100,000 readers) and we are also pleased to return to Ottawa-Gatineau and Quebec City with 5,000 copies in each region.  

The year will also see the reintroduction of the Bring a Teen outreach program as well as The Next Great Art Song, a new composition contest.  

To help celebrate our 15th anniversary, please send us your messages of appreciation; the highlights will be published in the Or help support our mission to promote music, the arts and individual artists by making a purchasing an ad or a logo to voice your encouragement.

The deadline for advertising in the October issue is September 23 (reservations) and September 26 (artwork).

Have a great musical season. 

Wah Keung Chan
Founding Editor and Publisher

Next Issues 

Higher Education Special
La Scena Musicale October 2011
  • 15th anniversary edition
  • NEW: Separate English and French editions
  • On the cover: Valery Gergiev
  • Theme: Higher Music Education (new: one month earlier)
  • Rates and media kit (PDF)
  • Appearance: September 30, 2011
  • Ad Deadline: September 23, 2011
  • Artwork: September 26, 2011
  • Print run: 50,000 copies
    • English Edition: 25,000 copies
    • French Edition: 25,000 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal, Quebec City (5000 copies), Ottawa/Gatineau (5000 copies) and through the province of Quebec
  • Target audience: amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers



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