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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Toronto Summer Music 2012 Starts in Three Weeks

The Toronto Summer Music Festival starts in three weeks
July 17 – August 4, 2012 / Koerner Hall / University of Toronto: Walter Hall & Hart House Great Hall / Festival Passes & Tickets:  416 408 0208 / The Royal Conservatory Box Office, 273 Bloor Street West
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Tuesday, June 26, 2012
TORONTO, ONTARIO –  Summer’s upon us, and those who crave live music through the warm nights can take in a night or two – or more - of music.  Right here in the city, classical music fans can look forward to the Toronto Summer Music Festival (TSMF), which opens on July 17 at 7:30 PM, Koerner Hall, with a piano recital by André Laplante.  “The Toronto Summer Music Festival is like a well-kept secret,” explains Artistic Director Douglas McNabney, Artistic Director.  “Most of the major performing arts organizations break during the summer – and we’re right here to pick up the slack.  There’s something for everyone at the festival – from traditional chamber music concerts to late-night concerts featuring eclectic programming every Friday night at Hart House.  Toronto Summer Music hopes Toronto residents and visitors alike will enjoy the festival.”
Mr. Laplante will perform Bach/Busoni’s Organ Toccata; several works of Ravel: Oiseaux tristesLa vallée des clochesSonatine; Morel’s Deux etudes de sonorité; and Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage,Première année Suisse (selections). 
The TSMF continues to keep the patrons of the future in mind, and along with standard programming, brings back the Friday Late Nights series.  This year, the cabaret-style concerts all take place at the Great Hall of the University of Toronto’s Hart House, starting at 10 PM. 
Friday Late Night with Music and Video from Louis Dufort & Taurey Butler (July 20) - The music and videos of Montreal-based electroacoustic composer Louis Dufort transports to another realm, where sound and light are fused with elements drawn from cinema, dance and painting.  Jazz pianist Taurey Butler also featured.
Friday Late Night with violinist Mark Fewer (July 27) - Mark Fewer and guitarists Chris Bezant, Graham Campbell, and Roberto Rosenman present a “hot club” style event with tributes to Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt.
Friday Late Night from Montreal with Warhol Dervish (August 3) - Warhol Dervish is an unorthodox chamber music collective of early-music HIPsters, new music specialists, ardent 19th century romantics, pop collaborators, rockstar wannabes, meditators and yogis! The ensemble pushes chamber music into the 21st century with an eclectic program: works by Nico Muhly, Richard Parry (of Arcade Fire), and a set of Klezmer music.
For complete concert listings, please visit  On Facebook:
Toronto Summer Music Festival gratefully acknowledges Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto Arts Foundation, and Ontario Arts Foundation.
Foundations: Fleck Family Foundation, Browning Watt Foundation, and Earlaine and Gerald Collins Foundation.
Corporate sponsors: TD (Chamber Music Institute Sponsor), RBC (Art Of Song Program Sponsor),
BMO Financial Group, KPMG, Remenyi House of Music, Duke of York, Bang & Olufsen Yorkville, Show One Productions.
Travel partners: Aeroplan and InterContinental Toronto Yorkville
Media Partners:  The Wholenote, The Epoch Times, Forever Young Information
Venue Partners: University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Hart House, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

La rentrée arrive plus tôt cette année à La Scena Musicale

[English Version]

Cette année, le cahier spécial « La rentrée culturelle et scolaire » de La Scena Musicale paraîtra plus tôt. Le 16 août, le numéro d'août/septembre de La Scena Musicale contiendra tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les dernières tendances musicales et artistiques. Cela laissera amplement de temps à nos lecteurs pour dénicher des abonnements, des instruments ou choisir des cours. L'attendue SCENA express traitera de jazz, de théâtre musical et des arts.

Ayez le ton juste : ne ratez pas ce numéro!
En couverture : le chef Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

Aussi, La Scena Musicale amorce la saison 2012-2013 avec son quartrième Répertoire annuel des arts, juste à temps pour la rentrée ! En présentoir le 16 août 2012, le répertoire est unique en son genre et constitue une source précieuse d’information pour les artistes, les étudiants et les amateurs d’art du Québec.

Le numéro de juin/juillet (incluant le guide annuel des festivals - 200 festivals) est maintenant disponible en version PDF et iPad à
  • En couverture (édition anglaise) : le contrebassiste Renaud Garcia-Fons.
  • En couverture (édition française) : le violoniste Andrew Wan.
Bon été musical !

Wah Keung Chan

Prochains numéros 
La SCENA répertoire des arts(Édition Montréal)
  • 4e édition
  • format de poche
  • Le seul répertoire des arts au Québec
  • Contenu : répertoire des écoles, achats, guides des chorales et des concours, sites Internet et plus encore
  • Sujets : musique, danse, théâtre, cinéma et arts visuels
  • kit média et tarifs (PDF)
  • Sortie : le 16 août 2012
  • Tombée : le 10 août 2012
  • Tombée (maquettes) : le 10 août 2012
  • Tirage : 25 000 exemplaires
  • Distribution : Montréal et environs
  • Public visé : étudiants (du secondaire à l’universitaire, étudiants adultes), artistes amateurs et professionnels, passionnés de musique et d’art
  • Info :
La Scena Musicale août/septembre 2012
  • NOUVEAU : les éditions anglaise et française
  • Guide d'abonnements
  • Thème : La rentrée culturelle et scolaire
  • Sortie : le 16 août
  • Tombée (publicité) : le 10 août
  • Maquettes (publicité) : le 10 août
  • Tombée (calendrier) : le 30 juillet (info)
  • Tirage : 45 000 exemplaires
    • édition française : 22 500 exemplaires
    • édition anglaise : 22 500 exemplaires
  • Distribution : Montréal, Laval, Rive-Sud et ailleurs au Québec, plus Québec et Ottawa-Gatineau
  • Public visé : artistes amateurs et professionnels, passionnés de musique et d’art
La Scena Musicale octobre 2012
  • Guide : Études supérieures en musique
  • Guide : études primaires et sécondaires
  • Sortie : le 24 septembre
  • Tombée (publicité) : le 18 septembre
  • Maquettes (publicité) : le 19 septembre
  • Tombée (calendrier) : le 10 septembre (info)
  • Tirage : 50 000 exemplaires
    • édition française : 25 000 exemplaires
    • édition anglasie : 25 000 exemplaires
  • Distribution : Montréal, Laval, Rive-Sud et ailleurs au Québec, plus Québec et Ottawa-Gatineau, et écoles partout le Canada
  • Public visé : artistes amateurs et professionnels, passionnés de musique et d’art, étudiants
La Scena Musicale novembre 2012
  • Guides:
    • Concours; Académies d'été de musique
  • Sortie : le 29 octobre
  • Tombée (publicité) : le 23 octobre
  • Maquettes (publicité) : le 24 octobre
  • Tombée (calendrier) : le 15 octobre (info)
  • Tirage : 45 000 exemplaires
    • édition française : 22 500 exemplaires
    • édition anglaise : 22 500 exemplaires
  • Distribution : Montréal, Laval, Rive-Sud et ailleurs au Québec, plus Québec et Ottawa-Gatineau
  • Public visé : artistes amateurs et professionnels, passionnés de musique et d’art
La Scena Musicale décembre-janvier 2012
  • Guides:
    • études supérieures artistiques
  • Sortie : le 26 novembre
  • Tombée (publicité) : le 20 novembre
  • Maquettes (publicité) : le 21 novembre
  • Tombée (calendrier) : le 12 novembre (info)
  • Tirage : 45 000 exemplaires
    • édition française : 22 500 exemplaires
    • édition anglaise : 22 500 exemplaires
  • Distribution : Montréal, Laval, Rive-Sud et ailleurs au Québec, plus Québec et Ottawa-Gatineau
  • Public visé : artistes amateurs et professionnels, passionnés de musique et d’art


Back to School and Fall Arts Preview come early this year at LSM

[Version française]

La Scena Musicale’s special Fall Arts Preview and Back to School issue is coming out earlier this year. On August 16, LSM’s August / September issue will contain what’s hot in classical music and the arts. That’s plenty of time for readers to buy subscriptions, instruments and choose courses. The La SCENA Xpress section will become a regular feature, containing jazz, music theatre and the arts.

It the “must” issue to be in. Don't miss out.
On the cover: conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin 

LSM is also kicking off the 2012-13 season with its fourth annual La SCENA Arts Directory. Hitting the stands on August 16, 2012, the directory is the only one of its kind in Quebec and is a premiere source for professional artists, students, and arts lovers in the province.

Last year saw the reintroduction of the Bring a Teen outreach program. Visit the website to register.

The June 2012  La Scena Musicale issue (containing our 16th annual Summer Festivals Guide with over 300 festivals) is available online in PDF and iPad formats at .
  • On the cover (English Edition) : bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons.
  • On the cover (French Edition) : violinist Andrew Wan.
Have a great musical summer. 

Wah Keung Chan
Founding Editor and Publisher

Next Issues 

La SCENA Arts and Music Directory (Montreal Edition)
  • 4th edition
  • Digest Format
  • The only Arts Directory in Quebec
  • Read All Year Long
  • Contents: schools, purchase, choir guide, competition guide, venues, ensembles, websites and much more
  • Subjects: music, dance, theatre, film and visual arts
  • Rates and media kit (PDF)
  • Appearance: August 16, 2012
  • Ad Deadline: August 10, 2012
  • Ad materials: August 10, 2012
  • Listings/Registration: July 30, 2012
  • Print run: 25,000 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal and area
  • Target audience: students (high school to university level to adults), amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers
  • To register
La Scena Musicale August-September 2012
  • Guide: Subscription Series Guide
  • Guide: Back to School & Fall Arts Preview
  • Appearance: August 16
  • Ad Deadline: August 10
  • Artwork: August 10
  • Calendar Deadline: July 30 (info)
  • Print run: 45,000 copies
    • English Edition: 22,500 copies
    • French Edition: 22,500 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal, Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau and throughout the province of Quebec
  • Target audience: amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers
La Scena Musicale October 2012
  • Guide: Higher Music Education
  • Guide: Primary and Secondary Education
  • Appearance: September 24
  • Ad Deadline: September 18
  • Artwork: September 19
  • Calendar Deadline: September 10 (info)
  • Print run: 50,000 copies
    • English Edition: 25,000 copies
    • French Edition: 25,000 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal, Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau, throughout the province of Quebec, and in schools across Canada
  • Target audience: amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers
La Scena Musicale November 2012
  • Guide: Competitions and Summer Academies
  • Appearance: October 29
  • Ad Deadline: October 23
  • Artwork: October 24
  • Calendar Deadline: October 15 (info)
  • Print run: 45,000 copies
    • English Edition: 22,500 copies
    • French Edition: 22,500 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal, Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau and throughout the province of Quebec
  • Target audience: amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers
La Scena Musicale December-January 2013
  • Guide: Higher Arts Education
  • Appearance: November 26
  • Ad Deadline: November 20
  • Artwork: November 21
  • Calendar Deadline: November 12 (info)
  • Print run: 45,000 copies
    • English Edition: 22,500 copies
    • French Edition: 22,500 copies
  • Distribution: Montréal, Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau and throughout the province of Quebec
  • Target audience: amateur and professional artists, music and arts lovers


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

National Youth Orchestra Canada announces Orchestral Exchange with India


National Youth Orchestra Canada and
India National Youth Orchestra establish harmonious new relationship
(TORONTO) – The National Youth Orchestra Canada (NYOC) today announced a long-planned, in-depth partnership with its sub-continent equivalent, the India National Youth Orchestra (INYO), starting this month.  From June until August, four INYO string players (two violinists, a violist and a cellist) will join the NYOC as guest musicians for the orchestra’s entire 2012 program, in addition to the regular complement of Canadian student musicians ordinarily comprising the program.

The second aspect of the collaboration happens next May 2013 when the NYOC will select a group of musicians from this and next year’s orchestras to travel to Delhi, India. Several faculty members will accompany the students as they participate in a joint mentoring program with the INYO for 10 - 14 days. Members of the two orchestras will rehearse together for approximately 10 days for a joint performance in Delhi to be attended by dignitaries and officials from Canada and India as well as a number of other countries.

“We are very excited that so many years of research and effort are finally coming to fruition with the blossom of this new Indo-Canadian music relationship,” said Barbara Smith, Executive Director, National Youth Orchestra Canada. “All the participants can expect to grow immeasurably in terms of their musical understanding, music itself is the beneficiary and of course, relations between our musicians and theirs will surely lead to some lasting friendships.”

As Prime Minister Harper said in 2010, “the road to the future for both India and Canada could carry much more traffic, if we continue to work on building the bridges.” It’s certain that this initiative on behalf of the National Youth Orchestra is just such a bridge, underscoring the artistic excellence of Canadian musicians and the high esteem in which the National Youth Orchestra Canada is regarded globally.

“They say that the future is in the hands of our youth. If given the means and tools needed to move forward, we believe that their achievements will be extraordinary,” said Governor General David Johnston, Honorary Patron of the National Youth Orchestra. “I am very proud that the reputation of the National Youth Orchestra on the world stage has led to this unique collaboration with the Indian National Youth Orchestra.”

The 2012 Canadian leg of the Canada - India Orchestral Exchange is generously sponsored by TD Bank.
·       Canada’s leading training organization for aspiring young orchestral musicians·       provides world-class, tuition-free training from June to August·       offers full orchestral rehearsals, sectionals, private lessons and faculty round tables six days a week·       the chamber music program is 10 days of extra training in small ensembles·       The NYOC is the only summer music institute that offers a comprehensive program including tour, tuition-free·       The NYOC attracts the ‘best of the best’ from Canada’s youth orchestras and music programs·       Students applying for the NYOC are between the ages of 16 and 28·       Each year, the NYOC commissions a new work from a Canadian composer

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pianist Ricker Choi Gives Benefit Concert June 23, 2012

Ricker Choi: Prize Winning Amateur Pianist at Glenn Gould

Studio on June 23, 2012 - 7:30 

pm. Net proceeds donated to United Way

Venue: Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front St. West, Toronto)

Tickets: $20 adult / $10 student 

Program: works by Liszt, Bartok, Tchaikovsky and more

TORONTO, ON, June 23, 2012 (SAT) - 7:30 pm - Ricker Choi (, 2nd prize winner of the Berlin International Amateur Piano Competition and 3rd prize winner of Paris International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs, will be performing at Glenn Gould Studio on June 23, 2012 (SAT), 7:30 pm. Program includes piano works by Liszt, Brahms and Bartok. Joining Ricker Choi on stage will be winners of 2012 North York Music Festival grand prize winners.
Venue: Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front St. West, Toronto)
Tickets:  $20 adult / $10 student (all net proceeds will be donated to United Way)
Contact:;; 416-889-9461
Ricker Choi is both a pianist and full-time financial risk consultant. He came from Hong Kong to Canada at the age of 13 when he began his formal studies of piano. Studying with Boris Zarankin, who became his long-time piano teacher, he received his A.R.C.T, Piano Performance Diploma in just five years.

Ricker’s piano career took a twelve-year hiatus, when in 1993, he enrolled in York University’s Schulich School of Business, earning an M.B.A. He also holds FRM , CFA and PMP designations. In 2005 Ricker returned to piano studies with Boris Zarankin. In 2010, he also started coaching with Michael Esch, concurrent with his studies under Boris Zarankin.
Ricker has won grand prizes from North York Music Festival, Markham Music Festival and CCC Music Festival. In 2010 he won second prize at the Berlin International Amateur Piano Competition, performing with the Berlin Sibelius Orchestra in the Berlin Philharmonic’s 2500 seat Großer Saal. In 2012 he won third prize at the Paris International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs, performing at Paris' 1200 seat Salle Gaveau. His performances had been heard on 96.3 FM classical radio (Toronto) and Radio Classique (Paris).
Ricker has been featured in the Toronto Summer Music Academy and Festival’s “Emerging Artists in Concert” at Walter Hall and has performed in the Off Centre Music Salon at Glenn Gould Studio. On November 22, 2011, he gave a solo recital at the Four Season’s Centre for the Performing Arts.
Ricker has participated in master classes with pianists Andre LaPlante, Olga Kern, Anton Kuerti, Marietta Orlov, and Joseph Banowetz. Ricker founded Music Heals! in 2006, a series of fund-raising concerts for charity organizations such as Oxfam Canada.
(Visit for Ricker’s concert appearances.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pianist Beatriz Boizan at Steinway Piano Gallery June 14


“She surprises by her sensitivity, her pianism and her incomparable and masterful sound"
– José Luis Turina (Spanish composer)
“One of the brightest new lights in the classical world” – The Vancouver Sun

Cuban-Canadian pianist Beatriz Boizán brings an exciting new dimension to the Toronto musical scene.  She will perform a short concert to celebrate the first anniversary of the Steinway Piano Gallery, 8-2651 John Street, Markham, on Thursday, June 14, 7:30 p.m.

The captivating music of Spain, Latin America and her native Cuba make up a recital of about one hour in the Steinway Music Hall.  Ms. Boizán will also play the dazzling Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt, as arranged by Vladimir Horowitz.  

There is no admission charge but due to limited space, concert-goers must reserve by calling 905-940-5397 or 1-888-399-5397, or

A map and more information about Steinway Piano Gallery is available at   Ms. Boizan’s website is

Several of Ms. Boizán’s June 14 selections are also found on her debut CD, Pasión (Galano Records), which features 17 compositions by Lecuona, Soler, Cervantes, Albéniz and Ginastera. It is music that Ms. Boizán said she has been “breathing since childhood, and it represents the core of my work. Its rhythms are contagious and the melodies elegantly sculpted.  I have always longed to show the world the musical wonders of my Spanish and African heritage.”


Internationally renowned cellist Mischa Maisky chose Beatriz Boizán as his accompanist for his one-hour Live From the Concert Lobby performance at The New Classical 96.3 FM on May 2. 

In April, she made her debut with the Ontario Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Marco Parisotto, in a program of piano solos, duos and concerti.   She also gave a solo recital for the Concert Association of Huntsville.  Other recent appearances include London ON’s Aeolian Hall, Kitchener’s Registry Theatre, Toronto’s Gallery 345, and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Kleinburg).

This October sees her debut recital at St. James’s Piccadilly in London, England.  In January 2013, she performs at Almonte Old Town Hall in Ontario. 

Mentored by the great Alicia de Larrocha, Beatriz Boizán delights audiences and critics alike with her vibrant personality and breathtakingly individual performances. Her programs range from the graceful Baroque sonatas of Soler and Scarlatti to the rhythmically percussive compositions of Spain and Latin America, along with the lyrical romantic works of the standard European repertoire.

Born into a musical family in Baracoa, Cuba, Ms. Boizán began her piano studies with her grandmother, Esclarecida Guilarte. An honours graduate from the National School of Music in Havana, she continued her music studies in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, and obtained her Master in Music degree at the University of Alberta.

Beatriz Boizán is represented by Marilyn Gilbert Arts Management.