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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

National Youth Orchestra Canada announces Orchestral Exchange with India


National Youth Orchestra Canada and
India National Youth Orchestra establish harmonious new relationship
(TORONTO) – The National Youth Orchestra Canada (NYOC) today announced a long-planned, in-depth partnership with its sub-continent equivalent, the India National Youth Orchestra (INYO), starting this month.  From June until August, four INYO string players (two violinists, a violist and a cellist) will join the NYOC as guest musicians for the orchestra’s entire 2012 program, in addition to the regular complement of Canadian student musicians ordinarily comprising the program.

The second aspect of the collaboration happens next May 2013 when the NYOC will select a group of musicians from this and next year’s orchestras to travel to Delhi, India. Several faculty members will accompany the students as they participate in a joint mentoring program with the INYO for 10 - 14 days. Members of the two orchestras will rehearse together for approximately 10 days for a joint performance in Delhi to be attended by dignitaries and officials from Canada and India as well as a number of other countries.

“We are very excited that so many years of research and effort are finally coming to fruition with the blossom of this new Indo-Canadian music relationship,” said Barbara Smith, Executive Director, National Youth Orchestra Canada. “All the participants can expect to grow immeasurably in terms of their musical understanding, music itself is the beneficiary and of course, relations between our musicians and theirs will surely lead to some lasting friendships.”

As Prime Minister Harper said in 2010, “the road to the future for both India and Canada could carry much more traffic, if we continue to work on building the bridges.” It’s certain that this initiative on behalf of the National Youth Orchestra is just such a bridge, underscoring the artistic excellence of Canadian musicians and the high esteem in which the National Youth Orchestra Canada is regarded globally.

“They say that the future is in the hands of our youth. If given the means and tools needed to move forward, we believe that their achievements will be extraordinary,” said Governor General David Johnston, Honorary Patron of the National Youth Orchestra. “I am very proud that the reputation of the National Youth Orchestra on the world stage has led to this unique collaboration with the Indian National Youth Orchestra.”

The 2012 Canadian leg of the Canada - India Orchestral Exchange is generously sponsored by TD Bank.
·       Canada’s leading training organization for aspiring young orchestral musicians·       provides world-class, tuition-free training from June to August·       offers full orchestral rehearsals, sectionals, private lessons and faculty round tables six days a week·       the chamber music program is 10 days of extra training in small ensembles·       The NYOC is the only summer music institute that offers a comprehensive program including tour, tuition-free·       The NYOC attracts the ‘best of the best’ from Canada’s youth orchestras and music programs·       Students applying for the NYOC are between the ages of 16 and 28·       Each year, the NYOC commissions a new work from a Canadian composer


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