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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toronto Mahler Society Announces October Meeting on Sibelius and His Second Symphony

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Sibelius and his second symphony

We hope you all had an enjoyable summer and ready to get back to the music season. 2013 would be 10th anniversary of the founding of Toronto Mahler Society, with your support we have been growing and attracting more people to appreciate music of Mahler and other late romantic composers.
To start our 2012-13 season of meetings, we will talk about life of Sibelius and his second symphony with recording comparison. This symphony is one of his most popular works and Toronto Symphony Orchestra will present this symphony in their concerts on Oct 17/18, so it's a good opportunity to get a better understand of Sibelius's early life and the symphony. We will begin the meeting with a documentary about early life of Sibelius including the second symphony, after a short break, we will then review the second symphony follow by listening and watching different recordings with various conductors and orchestras for comparison. You are welcome to share your view of this work, your favorite recordings or live concert experiences.

DATE : Saturday, October 13, 2012
TIME : 2-5pm
LOCATION : Room 304, Metro Hall
55 John Street (South-east corner of King and John)
Nearest subway : St. Andrew Station
TOPIC : Sibelius and his second symphony
FEE : Free

For additional questions and seating reservations, please contact Toronto Mahler Society at:



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