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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Opera Course at the Palazzo Contucci in Montepulciano, Italy (July 28 – august 11, 2013)

The second edition of the Opera Course at the Palazzo Contucci in Montepulciano, Italy, takes place from July 28 to August 11, 2013. The first, held in 2012, drew young professional singers from around the world (US, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, and Russia). Internationally renowned teachers, stage directors, conductors and professionals in the field focus on vocal technique, musicianship, scenic/theatrical preparation, and dramatic interpretation.

The course will be divided into two sections –

The first section from July 28 to August 5 will feature masterclasses in musical interpretation with Maestro Bruno Bartoletti and pianist Andrea Severi, from the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, as well as movement classes with Anna Pasculli, dancer, choreographer, member of Münster’s Tanz-Theater, and former student of the legendary Pina Bausch.

The second period, from August 5 to 11 inclusive will include vocal technique classes with Maestro Raphaël Sikorski and pianist Beatrice Benzi, from Teatro alla Scala di Milano, and dramatic interpretation, movement, and the use of masks in opera with Stage Director Fabio Sparvoli.

Throughout the two weeks, the Opera Course will present a series of lectures and discussions to help participants expand and deepen their knowledge of the many diverse aspects of a career in opera.  These discussions will range from the connection of the body and the mind, and how to strengthen the immune system to sword-fighting, preparing for auditions and management. The following sessions will be offered :

o   Dr. Franco Fussi, otolaryngologist and voice pathologist: Resonance and Warm-Up
o   Dr. Marco Mancini, immune system specialist: Health is a Precious Gift
o   Dr. Roberta Giommi, Psychotherapist, Director of the International Institute of Sexology:  Music and Emotion
o   Dr. Alessandro Temperani, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Certified Bionenergetic Therapist:  The Connection of the Body and the Mind
o   Renzo Musumeci Greco and Martina Ganassin, Masters of Arms/Instructors/Fight Directors: The use of theatrical arms such as swords, sabres, pistols, daggers, halberds (combination of spear and battle ax used in 15th and 16th centuries), etc.
o   Vinicio Cheli, lighting designer:   Practical and theoretical session at the Teatro Poliziano
o   Maestro Lorenzo Ferrero, Composer and President of the International Council of Creators of Music: Auditions – what to do and what not to do
o   Mauricio Fernandez, Casting Director NTR Zaterdag Matinee:  How to decide which vocal competitions are the right ones for you
o   Maestro Gianni Tangucci, Artistic Director of the Pergolesi Spontini Jesi Festival: The Singer and open discussion of my 44 years in the theatre
o   Mauro Carosi and Odette Nicoletti: Sets and Costumes
o   Dott.ssa Susanna Colombo, Journalist and Musician, Moira Johnson, Public Relations and Press Agent, Raffaella Coletti, Artists Manager: “I live for art...and interviews” – a discussion about the relationship between the artist and the media and between the artist and press offices.

Two concerts will add a live performance dimension to these very intense 15 days.  The final concert of the Festival Cantiere Internazionale d’art, in collaboration with the Opera Course, will feature tenor Antonio Corianò and mezzo-soprano Martina Belli, both of whom participated in the 2012 Opera Course, conducted by Maestro Roland Böer. The second concert, at the Teatro Poliziano is called ‘Dedicated to Verdi’ with pianist Paolo Restani and actress Simona Marchini who will perform music by Franz Liszt.

Fees, Accommodation and Travel :

For information about fees, accommodation and travel, please go to: and click on ‘masterclass’.

Opera Course at the Palazzo Contucci gratefully acknowledges the support of the Palazzo Contucci and the Fondazione Conservatorio San Girolamo.

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