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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bernard Labadie to assume the title of founding conductor of Les Violons du Roy for the 2014–2015 season

Quebec City, July 3, 2013 – Starting in the 2014–2015 season, Les Violons du Roy music director Bernard Labadie will swap his current position for the new title of founding conductor. He will continue to be very active in the orchestra’s local, national, and international programming in the years to come and will also stay on as music director of La Chapelle de Québec. The board of directors will form a committee to start the process of reshaping the music direction of Les Violons du Roy.
It was only after considerable soul-searching that Bernard Labadie made the decision to redefine his role. In his new position, which will take effect in the 2014–2015 season, he will continue conducting various regular-season concerts with Les Violons du Roy, participate in a number of tours, and conduct concerts featuring both Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Québec, the professional chamber choir he founded.
The music direction of Les Violons du Roy will be reviewed jointly by members of the board of directors, management, and the orchestra, whose combined insight will help open a new chapter in the organization’s history.
According to Bernard Labadie, “My relationship with Les Violons du Roy is a source of great joy. After turning 50 this year and having directed Les Violons for nearly 30 years, I felt the need for a change. I was ready to focus all my energy on the music and, honestly, to take a few risks. This is what motivated my decision to reorient my role in this incredible organization. Les Violons du Roy is my greatest achievement, and the most dear to my heart. I will continue conducting the orchestra regularly and taking on major projects with Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Québec just as we have always done—driven by our shared energy and passion for music. At the same time, I want the organization to reinvent and prepare itself for the challenges of the next 30 years.”
“Bernard Labadie’s decision to change direction is an opportunity for Les Violons du Roy to adapt and evolve. We have great admiration for Bernard Labadie and for everything he has accomplished so far, and we look forward to seeing what the conductor and orchestra will create from this new relationship,” says Guy Morneau, chair of the board of directors.
Les Violons du Roy will continue the work for which it is increasingly recognized in Quebec and around the world—work marked by the continuous pursuit of excellence, absolute devotion, and a passion for music. The 30th season of Les Violons du Roy in 2013–2014 will be a celebration not only of how far the orchestra has come and the major milestones in its history, but also an opportunity to look toward the future as it prepares for its next act on the local and international music stage.

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