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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Counterpoint Players’ Corpus launches TACTICS a new collaborative theatre series

On May 2nd, Counterpoint Players launched the innovative new theatre series, TACTICS – Theatre Artists’ Cooperative: the Independent Collective Series. The lineup for the 2014-2015 TACTICS season was announced at the post-show reception on opening night of Darrah Teitel’s award-winning play Corpus. Corpus is the pilot project for the series, which will be in residence at Arts Court Theatre.
TACTICS’ collaborative model of theatre gives local independent artists a chance to showcase their work in an affordable venue, and brings quality stories to the Ottawa stage. TACTICS is a series of independent Ottawa theatre productions that will run from November 2014 to April 2015 at Arts Court Theatre.
According to Series Curator Bronwyn Steinberg, “this series fills a void in the Ottawa theatre scene by helping independent theatre artists produce shows with more complex production needs than what is feasible during theatre festivals like the Ottawa Fringe Festival. It also supports the growth of emerging theatre artists in Ottawa, and gives audiences an opportunity to see high quality shows by promising new talent.”
Corpus, the award winning pilot project for TACTICS, is running until May 10th. In Corpus, a young and ambitious scholar stumbles across the mysterious relationship between the wife of a Nazi officer and a Polish Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz. As she investigates a dark history, Megan is torn between her quest for academic fame and the unexpected charms of her online lover, the seductive Heinrich. Corpus is a tale about history and memory told with humour and compassion.
The 2014-2015 season of TACTICS will feature:
Evolution Theatre’s Young Lady in White by Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf and translated by Maureen Labonté. This world premiere will be directed by Christopher Bedford in November 2014 and features Catriona Leger, John Doucet and Zach Counsil, In the darkroom of a long abandoned house in Berlin, a photographic negative of the Young Lady in White yearns to be developed.
Lisa Jeans’ LIGHT in January 2015. It’s a dangerous world out there. Every day is an emergency. We all hunger for some sense of control. You can’t change the outside world. But you can change yourself. Helen has been doing it for years. Experience the world through the eyes of a woman who wants more than anything to be light. 
May Can Theatre’s Happiness™, in March 2015. May Can Theatre's, Happiness™, takes a look at our constant and unrealistic pursuit of happiness. May Can Theatre was created in 2009 by Tony Adams and Cory Thibert, with Madeleine Boyes-Manseau joining the company as resident artistic member in 2012. They produce shows that are high energy, heartfelt, engaging and accessible.

Dead Unicorn Ink’s Under Derek’s Bed in April 2015. Dead Unicorn Ink is a larger than life theatre company that pushes fantasy to the extreme with puppets! Dead Unicorn Ink's members, Patrice-Ann Forbes, Sylvie Recoskie, Aaron Lajeunesse and Ted Forbes join with director Martin Glassford to bring you this adult fairytale.

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