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Thursday, July 9, 2015

LINO Release

What: “Cascadia”
Attached: “Cascadia” medley, CD descriptions

Lino’s long awaited follow-up to “Miami Jam” is a triumphant collection of original instrumentals featuring acoustic, classical and jazz guitars uniquely layered with sax, strings, keyboards and percussion.  Borrowing from a wide variety of musical genres, “Cascadia” marks his fourth release and delivers fresh new compositions with the signature style we call “Lino Music.”

Lino - classical, acoustic, slide and electric guitars, bass, piano, keyboards
Chris Frazier - drums
Andy Warr - sax
Georges Bouhey - organ, keyboards
Bill Kelleher - congas, percussion
Kiarra Salto-Beckman - violins, violas, cellos
Merle Hoover - acoustic guitar
Devan Simpkins - violas

-         Cascadia
-         Lullaby Blues
-         A Short Study in E minor
-         Farewell 559
-         Bittersmooth
-         A Short Study in D major
-         Sacred River
-         Rio Salvaje
-         On The Fly
-         A Short Study in E major
-         Divertimento No. 1 in D major KV 136 “Presto”


Lino is an accomplished guitarist and composer from years of study under the classical master, George Bachmann.

Lino combines a variety of styles that come together to create his own unique sound.

Lino uses shimmering layers of guitars (Classical, Acoustic, 12 String, Electric, Spanish, Steel and Slide guitars) to create a sonic landscape sound, which is at the same time hypnotic, evocative, romantic, captivating and immediately engaging.

His memorable melodies appeal to music enthusiasts who are eager for a fresh and modern take on instrumental music.

This CD was recorded at J-Wolf Studios in Bend, Oregon.

Lino’s composing skills are in demand in the film, video and television industry.

Some of his compositions have been placed on various broadcasts including The National Geographic Channel, Fox Sports, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel, Fox Cable Network, Golden Globes Countdown, Emmys Live Countdown, TNT, The Style Network, A&E, USA Network, MTV, VH1, Spike TV, The Learning Channel, E! News, ABC Family, Access Hollywood, Syfy, Nickelodeon, The Speed Channel, Japanese Television, USA Films, Worldwide Enviro-Action Sports, Starfish Productions, Incline Entertainment Television, many independent films, XM and Sirius Radio, Nationwide radio airplay on Smooth Jazz and New Age stations, Internet Radio.

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